On the ab-initio derivation of covariant density functionals


  報告題目: On the ab-initio derivation of covariant density functionals

  報告人:Peter Ring(Physics Department, Technical University of Munich; School of Physics, Peking University)




  The successes of covariant density functional theory in the description of properties of nuclear ground and excited states all over the nuclear chart are confronted with the fact that the parameters of such density functionals are determined in a completely phenomenological way. This restricts their predictive power. In this talk basic ideas are presented in building ab initio covariant density functionals based on realistic bare nucleon-nucleon interactions. Relativistic Brueckner-Hartree-Fock calculations of in nite nuclear matter play an important role in this context, but their success is limited. Applications in finite nuclei and in neutron drops provide an interesting new tool on this way and first applications are presented.

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