Deciphering the 3-D structure of the proton: challenges and opportunities


  報告題目: Deciphering the 3-D structure of the proton: challenges and opportunities 

  報告人:趙勇 博士 (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 




  The parton model is a simple ubiquitous language that describes the inner structure of hadrons such as the proton. The longitudinal and transverse proton structures, as well as the spin-dependent ones, are described by a class of parton distributions that are not all well understood from theory or experiment. In this talk, I will review the theoretical and experimental developments towards the determination of these distributions, and discuss the challenges to both sides. Then I will talk about the recent progress in the calculation of the x-dependence of parton distributions from lattice QCD, as well as its complimentary—and sometimes guiding—role to future electron ion colliders. 


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